It may be that your website is not getting the search engine results you would like. Quality Web Design in Toronto will perform a thorough website analysis of your site in order to discover what may be holding it back. You will be presented with a detailed written website analysis and analytics report as to what you can do to improve your website's page ranking. Some of the suggestions will be easy to impliment and others may take some reworking of your website. Therefore the process can be done in stages at your convenience.


Website Maintenance is something you can do once a week, month or even year, depending on your needs.

Ongoing improvements to the Website's Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and content/copywriting, will make sure that your website will continue to be ranked high in the search engine results so that you will continue to get high-quality visitors, without extra fees.

Keeping your website's content updated and designed with present coding practices will definately be beneficial over time.