Creativity, structure, discipline and analysis have always played a part in Deborah's life while she developed into a musician, studying first at the Royal Conservatory of Music and then at the Faculty of Music at the University of Toronto. As she pursued a career as an opera singer in New York City, she found relaxation when she began to oil paint scenic views in Central Park. Then one winter she went to Klez Camp in the Catskills, where she learned the Eastern European art of paper- cutting and would design and cut colorful works of art which now hang in homes in the United States and Canada. Deborah is also an avid gardener and draws on the colors of nature for her work. These colors inspire her web designs as well.

After 27 years abroad in London, Rome and in the United States, Deborah returned to Toronto in 2002.

Deborah was drawn to manage her own websites for her music business and so learned the art of search engine optimization (SEO)in the process, watching her own website land on the first page of google, without paying an extra cent. Her own websites were what we call naturally or organically ranking very high.

Then Deborah started taking a photoshop course and then added some website development courses along with advanced photoshop. She discovered that she really enjoyed envisioning the website and creating the design. In addition she found the actual implementation, which is the coding at once challenging and fun! So she continued taking web courses and soon she was designing and developing websites for herself, family and friends.

Deborah particularly enjoys designing websites with an artistic flair; websites that are aesthetically appealing, catching the eye and thus the attention of the viewer. She enjoys exploring the soul of the particular artist, musician, community organization or interest group for which she is designing.

Deborah the website designer