In today's world, search engine optimization is of prime importance to your marketing plan, if you want to be found by potential customers. So, your website should be optimized for Google, Yahoo and Bing. This is accomplished by back-end coding (coding you do not see) and also carefully crafted web effective text in the pages/body of your website.

When designing a website, Quality Web Design Toronto takes a holistic approach to search engine optimization. Give Deborah some time with you, so that she can thoroughly understand your business, business goals, the purpose of your website and your target audience/market. She will do the rest. You should start to see the intitial results on google within six to eight weeks. The final results will show in about a year, assuming that there is constant up-dating and tweeking of the SEO to the website. Most important is to know that search engine optimization is an ongoing process.

My goal is that your website comes up at the top of search results WITHOUT using paid advertising, web marketing or pay per click, which can be costly. These latter techniques are good in the short term, however do not serve you in the long term. Some people ignore the paying advertisers and are attracted to those sites that come up "organically". The key is to have your website achieve high rankings in organic search results -- in other words coming up "naturally" in searches. The websites with high rankings in organic results have content that is in line with the searcher's guidelines. This will lead qualified traffic to your site. These high quality visitors to your website want what you have to offer and will therefore reach out to communicate with your further by phone or e-mail. Ideally they will become your customers.

True SEO is an art and takes time and creativity. It is a dynamic process that needs continual attention, in order for your website to be effective and continue to achieve high ranking, as the months and years pass.

At Quality Web Design Toronto, Deborah incorporates and uses the best search engine optimization practices in the coding and textual content to enable you to reach your potential customers. From the beginning she plans the structure of the website with organic search engine principles/SEO principles in mind, always maintaining the website's integrity.